Album Review: 5 Seconds of Summer

Hey music lovers,

Need a summer album that is different than the rest? Well I have the perfect one for you! I present to you an Australian boy band that has some serious talent. Want to know more? Read below!

5sos album cover

When listening to this album, I couldn’t help but to fall in love. This is 5 Seconds of Summer, or also known as 5SOS, debut album that has everything in it to be a boy band. The tunes are catchy, lively, and fun to listen to. It’s a good thing that they are on tour with One Direction, because the two boy bands have very similar musical styles, from the chanting in the background, to all members of the band coming together to sing. The best part about this band is that they aren’t afraid to be themselves. By this, I mean that they have fun and live in the moment; whether you listen to their songs, see the making of their music videos, or the music videos themselves. They stay true to themselves, which is always a key aspect when becoming famous “rock stars”.

3sos she looks so perfect making

The band has two Top 40 singles so far off of this album. Their first single “She Looks So Perfect” was a great first single for the band because it hit HUGE. This was the ideal summer song, and the boys released it right at the perfect time. This is a fun song that has catchy lyrics and for me, the guitar in this song really stands out and makes the song what it is. Other songs like this include “Don’t Stop”, which has a potential to be a single, “Good Girls”, “18”, and many others.

5sos amnesia

Their second single is a slower song called “Amnesia” and it is blowing up the charts right now. This song is a brilliant heartbreaking song that you can’t help but keep on repeat. This song has simple instruments in it, making the vocals really stand out and have them make the song extremely strong. This is the kind of song that you would listen to after having your heart ripped out of your body and stomped on the ground; the kind of song that to listen to when you need a good cry. This song has a very “Little Things” feel, but taken in a different direction, making this song the bands own. The song “Never Be” is another slower song that is much like “Amnesia” in the way that it is heartbreaking yet beautiful sounding all at the same time.

5sos social casualty

“Social Casualty” is the kind of song that reminds me of the band “Fall Out Boy”. This song is more on the rock side, with a high-pitched chorus and hard guitar sounds. In this song, the drums really stand out with the blast of the symbols and the mini “solos” that are in the background of the vocals. I really enjoy this because 5SOS is taking a chance in this song and aren’t afraid to be different in their musical style. Another song like this is “Voodoo Doll”, with the same style of rock instruments, however, the pitch is constant, meaning that the boys don’t raise into a different octave during this song.

5sos photo

Overall, this album is a great one to listen to. If you are a One Direction fanatic, then you will fall in love with 5SOS. And even if you aren’t and are looking for something new to listen to, then this album is the go-to album. Rate: 4/5

So until next time, dance, live, and love music.



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