Need A Playlist?


Hey music lovers,

As the weekend winds down, you can’t help but to plug in your music to a slower, more relaxing playlist. You strive for a playlist that not only speaks to you, but makes you feel at ease after a long day in the sun. Need help figuring what to put on there? Don’t worry, I have your back.

10. R. Kelly- “Ignition”. Even though this is a song for the beginning of the weekend, you can’t help but think about the weekend and reflect on the fun you had. This is a song that you can bop your head to, and you can’t help but smile when you hear this song. Don’t worry, it is “hot and fresh out the kitchen”. 

9. Tracy Chapman-“Fast Car”. Need a getaway song? Then this is your jam. Not only is this a classic, but it’s a song that makes you wanna go fast, breathe in the smell of a freshly cut lawn, or the salty sea water. This song makes you feel more aware and alive. It’s the perfect song to end off the weekend with.

8. Jason Mraz-“Love Someone”. This song is all about love and what it feels like to be in love. If you’re in love, you know what Mraz is talking about. It’s one of those songs that just make sense when you’re in love; that describes everything you are feeling in one, simple song. Why not end the weekend on a happy note?

7. O.A.R.- “Peace”. This is a beautiful song that makes the acoustic guitar really stand out. The build up to this song is really powerful up until the end. The first time you hear it, you will be obsessed with it. The song is about making up after a fight, and creating peace after the storm. This song is about looking up, and after the weekend, you’re going to need some looking up for the work week to come. 

6. Taylor Swift- “Drops of Jupiter”. Yes, I did say Taylor Swift and not Train. If you haven’t heard this cover, you must. Swift performs this song beautifully, making this song acoustic, which allows her voice to really stand out and make the song what it truly is. It’s a quirky song with it’s “deep fried chicken”, but adorable all at the same time.

5. John Lennon-“Imagine”. This song allows you to close your eyes and relax. Even though the lyrics to this song is a bit on the darker side, the sound of the piano and the steady, soft beat of the drums makes this song so calm and soothing. The song is about seeing the world changed so that everyone comes together and there is peace. No wars, no fights, no conflicts, just peace. This song will let you find your inner peace after a long weekend in order to be happy and to “be a dreamer”. 

4. Sara Bareilles-“I Choose You”. Yet another love song, however, this one is the blossoming of love between two people and realizing you are in love with them. It’s like the first snow of the winter, the first color-change of the leaves in fall. It’s the exciting feeling you get in your stomach you get when you find that one person. That person you are meant to be with; the beginning of the rest of your life with your lobster. The sound of this song is relaxing and exciting, much like it is when you look back on the weekend and see all you have accomplished. 

3. Birdy- “Tee Shirt”. This is a slow song about waking up the next morning after a night full of dreams and desires. Not only is this song about love (shocking, I know), but it’s about waking up with the one you love. Waking up to their smell, to what they wear, listening to their scratchy voice and never forgetting this. This song is absolutely beautiful and fits right into “The Fault In Our Stars” movie and soundtrack perfectly. 

2. Coldplay- “Yellow”. Of course no playlist is complete without Coldplay. When I hear this song, I imagine laying on a Mexican blanket in the grass, having a soft playlist on, and staring up at the stars. The stars are a beautiful thing, we make wishes on them as if they are actually going to come true, they light up our gardens in the darkest of nights. Stars have a lot of power, including the power to name one after a loved one. 

1. A Great Big World- “Already Home”. The latest hit from A Great Big World that is absolutely beautiful. It’s about not giving up on your other half, no matter how far the distance is. It’s difficult, yes, but in the end, it’s rewarding. You find your home in life, no matter where you are in this world. When in love, you have found your home. 

A relaxing playlist for your calm, breezy night. With these songs, it’s an excuse to have your music on “repeat” until you drift into a deep slumber. Happy listening!

So until next time, dance, live, and love music.



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