Top Ten Songs of The Week

Top Ten Songs of The Week

Hey music lovers. Between all the packing and moving and finishing a semester, it’s been a little hectic for me to post. But don’t worry. The beautiful summer sunshine and tan skin is here, and so am I. Here are your top ten songs for this week.

10. Boys Like Girls- “Thunder”. In preparation of summer time, summer love is just around the corner. As we all know, summer love comes, and summer love goes as quick as the season. This song is about falling in love in the summer, but as the final sunset arrives, it is time to say our goodbyes even if we don’t want to. Yet every time summer comes around, we will always remember that one summer love.

9. Jana Kramer- “Why Ya Wanna”. I first heard this song when I saw her in concert, and fell in love instantly. This song is about seeing your ex for the first time after the infamous breakup. With a country twang, this One Tree Hill star tells us the story about what it’s like when the guy is nice and normal towards a girl, and what makes us fall in love with them all over again. If you have recently broken it off with your latest beau and need a song to cry to as you remember them, this is the song to turn to.

8. Teddy Geiger- “These Walls”. This Rochester, New York native really belts this one out. Geiger talks about stepping outside of the walls, meaning to break away from reality and to break down once in a while. This song sounds like a beautiful love song, but when you listen to the lyrics, it has a much deeper meaning to it. In the end, you’ve gotta be strong and move on, even if you don’t want to. It’s because you have to.

7. Ryan Cabrera- “On the Way Down”. This song has a really cool 90s beat to it, which I love. It’s about hanging onto someone no matter what. Even though you may lose them, never give up and always hold on. Sometimes you find that one person and the world just makes sense now. This song is a definite listen to.

6. Rixton- “Me and My Broken Heart”. This is a catchy song by a new group that will make it big. This song has a really cool beat to it and awesome lyrics. Whenever you listen, you can’t help but tap your head or bob your head to the beat. I can see this being a summer smash.

5. One Direction- “You & I”. The latest single off of their third album titled “Midnight Memories” the band revert back to their slower ways. This song is absolutely beautiful and more upbeat than their “Little Things” single. This song is about compromise, working together and knowing that the two people that are together are indestructible.

4. Bleachers- “I Wanna Get Better”. This is one of my favorite songs right now. This song is an upbeat song with catchy beats and lyrics. It’s about changing yourself for the better; changing yourself to better yourself for someone else. It’s about the want of changing to be better, and this song encourages you that you can do that.

3. Iggy Azalea- “Fancy”. If you haven’t heard this song yet, I highly recommend that you do. This song has Iggy and Charli XCX rapping and singing, and man, can they rap and sing. With new beats and quick lyrics, the girls know how to do a song. I can see this song getting big in the clubs or when you’re driving in your car late at night.

2. Ariana Grande- “Problem”. Featuring Iggy Azalea in this song is a smart collaboration choice by Grande. This song is going to be the song of the summer. The drop to the chorus is not what you expect at all. It has the typical Ariana Grande beat, but the lyrics, the drop, and Iggy are what stand out most in the song. Once you start singing this song, it is hard to get it out of your head. #GirlPower.

1. 5 Seconds of Summer- “She’s So Perfect”. I could seriously listen to this song on repeat. Not only is this boy band made up of attractive guys (depending on your taste) but their voices make them even sexier. This song is about the flirting game. When you find someone you are attracted to, you flirt with them to win them over. Everybody is perfect just the way they are, and when you’re attracted to someone, they grow to be even more perfect in your eyes.

There you go music lovers. Your top ten songs for this week. Hope you enjoyed them. More music buzz on the way in the next few days.

So until next time, dance, live, and love music.



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