Sometimes You Just Need A Good Pair of Headphones

Sometimes You Just Need A Good Pair of Headphones

Hey music lovers. So we all know how exhilarating music is. But is music the only thing that helps us get those goosebumps? We hear music everywhere, in restaurants, in arcades, on the radio, in nature, in the bars or clubs, but what do we do when we want to turn the world off and just be with music? We put on our headphones.

Without headphones, we wouldn’t be able to escape the catastrophe of our lives for a while. The first things we do is put on our headphones to take us back to where life began and to focus on the beat of the song, on the lyrics, on the tempo and the way our bodies move. For some of us, SONY earbuds are just what we need, while some of us need the over the head blockades in the form of Beats. We all own our music suckers to allow us the freedom to listen to our music without complaints. I remember being young and my mother yelling at me because my music was too loud, and now I am able to blast it as loud as I want in my ears (under certain restraints of course). Music is seen as our savior, our passage to freedom; it expresses us when we need to feel like ourselves, or when we strive to be someone different.

It’s because of headphones that we are allowed to turn the world off and blast our music into our ears, into our minds, and into our souls. If you ever tell me to turn down my music, expect it to be turned up even louder.

Because of headphones, we are able to dance around the room, jump on our beds, lay down in the grass and just be with the music. Headphones brings us close to music when there isn’t a concert we can adventure to in that moment in time. Headphones brings us back to the simpler times and allows us to close our eyes and feel the beats spread through every muscle in our bodies, vibrate off of every bone we have. Sometimes, when we want to block everything out and just be with music, all you need is a good pair of headphones.

So until next time, dance, live, and love music.



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