The Uprising of a New Trend

The Uprising of a New Trend

Hey music lovers. Ever wonder what or who the next big thing is? I have a feeling we are going to be finding out a lot sooner than we anticipate.

Kasey Musgraves is an upcoming country artist. She recently won the Best Country Album, “Same Trailer Different Park”, at the 56th Grammy Awards this past year. And that’s not all she did. Musgraves also won Best Country Song for “Merry Go Round”. Musgraves has had quite a busy year so far, and there’s more of her to come. We can expect big things from Musgraves, as she already has three self-released albums, appeared on the fifth season of Nashville Star in 2007, placing in 7th.

The 25 year old has so much ahead of her. If you haven’t listened to her music yet, I highly recommend listening to “Merry Go Round” and “Follow Your Arrow”. Both of the songs are about being yourself and breaking free from what society thinks of you. Society tends to put labels on us, and why should we follow them? Be who you want to be and don’t pay attention to what other people think.

What I personally love about Musgraves is that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is who she is and she loves herself for that, and you can tell just by listening to her songs. She gives you the strength you need to be you, and sometimes we need someone else there to give us that push to make us stand on our own feet instead of climbing up society’s stairs to be the best in their eyes. What matters is YOU. YOU MATTER. And Musgraves doesn’t let her listeners forget that.

So until next time, dance, live, and love music.



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