Top Ten Songs of The Week


beware of darkness betta

Hey music lovers. Wanna know the top ten songs for this week? I’ve got them all right here.

10. AC/DC- “Thunderstruck”. I heard this song on my morning commute to work, and all I could do was roll down my windows, turn up my car radio, and sing along (more like scream along) to this song. This song is such a classic, with the beat and guitar rhythm standing out. And Brain Johnson’s voice fits along perfectly with this rock metal melody. Together, they form the band, and this may be one of the 2003 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees’ best known song today.

9. Goo Goo Dolls- “Come to Me”. This song is off of Goo Goo Dolls’ latest album, “Magnetic”. It’s a cute song about falling in love with your other half. It talks about how life is so much better with someone to share it with, and the song makes anyone want to fall in love and feel special. This song is slower, much like the same Tempo as “Iris”, but more soothing with the acoustic guitars and soft-spoken lyrics. This song makes you believe, and sometimes we need to believe again to “start again”.

8. Parachute- ‘Can’t Help”. Off their latest album, “Overnight”, I would be surprised if this band does not get bigger than they already are. This song has a catchy beat to it, unlike their first smashing hit “Kiss Me Slowly” (which is still an amazing song). But this song has it working for it because not only does it have a head-bobbing rhythm, but it the lyrics are so scandalous that they mesh together to create a great hit.

7. Phillip Phillips- “Raging Fire”. This song is a classic Phillip Phillips song. His voice really carries the song, and with the combination of a sick drum beat, violins, and guitar, it’s difficult not to love this song. The lyrics are beautiful about falling in love and making the heart go wild due to one person. Feel what you feel and “don’t let go what makes you feel”. Phillips is saying don’t repress the feeling, but embrace it. Want the next big hit? This is it.

6. Ingrid Michaelson-” Girls Chase Boys”. This is a song that takes the alternative root in music. Michaelson’s voice sounds a lot like Sara Bareilles, but she has a little bit of a deeper voice then Bareilles, which makes Michaelson work. The beat is slow and classic, but it’s a catchy tune that I know you’ll love.

5. Maroon 5- “She Will Be Loved”. A little bit of a throwback in the older Maroon 5 days. This song is a chill song about a girl who may feel neglected by others, but will always be loved by someone else. This song reminds me of the movie “The Last Song”, when it was playing in the car. Ronnie feels neglected by her family’s divorce, but realizes that she will always have Will there to catch her if she falls. Ronnie sings this song and it connects to her finally realizing that someone does love her. When she realizes this, she realizes her father and brother also loves her, and Ronnie learns to open her heart to let love in once again.

4. Twenty-One Pilots-“Car Radio”. This song is the latest single from Twenty-One Pilots. This song is slower and is very, very dark. It’s about what goes on in someone’s head in a negative state of mind. It is someone confusing to understand, but after listening to the song a couple times, you can grasp what is being sung. The rap with the slow beat comes together really well, because the focus is on the lyrics instead of all the background noise. Near the end of the song, the beat speeds up with more electric sounds in the background, emphasizing the screaming part of the song. This song is really engaging and interesting to listen to, where you can hear the pain in the voice and lyrics.

3. O.A.R. “Peace”- This has been my go-to song for WEEKS. It’s so adorable I sometimes almost want to cry. This song is beautiful with the sound of only a couple acoustic guitars and voice of O.A.R. lead singer Marc Roberge. The song is about falling in love with the other person. We may have a short time on this planet, but it is never too short to fall in love with someone. It’s the little things you fall in love with, a person’s laugh, their smile, their eyes, anything, and that is what makes love. It’s not the big dates or anniversaries remembered, but it’s having your heart skip to those little things.

2. Lifehouse- “First Time”. These guys have got it. This was their first single off of their album “Who We Are” released in 2007. Needless to say, this was a rock-on single when it first came out (and still is today). The band combines rock and roll sounds with a modern twist on it, which really works for them. Lead Singer Jason Wade’s voice pops in the song, and you can tell he puts his heart and soul into the music. If you don’t get goosebumps to this song, keep playing it until you do, because it is breath-taking.

1. Beware of Darkness- “All Who Remain”. When I first heard this song, all I could say was “wow”. This song is so tragic when you actually stop and listen to the lyrics. The lyrics “When you leave this life, the world will be a darkness for all who remain”. It’s about someone about to pass or who has passed. You never know when someone’s life will suddenly come to an end, so keep the air positive and give the ones you love an extra hug. It’s hard to move on after a passing, but it is what makes us stronger, even if we don’t think so. This song is a must listen to.

There’s your top ten songs of this week. Have a comment, question, or something to say? Leave a comment below.

So until next time, dance, live, and love music.



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