Top Ten Songs of the Week

Top Ten Songs of the Week

Hey music lovers. Did you miss me? Don’t worry, I have the top ten songs for you this week. Some pretty interesting ones too I may add. Shall we begin?

10. Fall Out Boy- “Young Volcanoes”. This song is already hitting it big after their latest hit “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”. As the group prepares their summer tour with New Politics and Paramore, they are rocking out more than ever. This song is a little different from previous songs, as it has more of a happy, acoustic feel to it. The music video that goes with this song is very dark, and I would not recommend young children watching this either (they may be scared).

9. Rixton- “Me and My Broken Heart”. Their biggest hit yet, British Pop, Rock, R&B group, Rixton comes out of the gate with a smash. This song is very catchy with it’s beats escalating to the chorus where you can hear the pain in Jake Roche’s voice. This is a song you’re not going to want to miss out on, for it’s surefire hit.

8. Sara Bareilles- “I Choose You”. Such a sweet, beautifully written song by the infamous Sara Bareilles. This song has a quirky beat. It’s about finding your lobster (as the television show “Friends” would call it) and choosing them to stick by your side forever. What I love most about this song is that it isn’t bashing on a guy, or about being tough that a breakup is over with, but about finding that love again and believing in love again. After believing in that love, it becomes the most beautiful thing someone could have.

7. Sammy Adams- “Kings”. Going into the rap side of music, this song is one of the latest off of Sammy Adams’ EP “Homecoming”. What makes this song is the beat. It sounds a little on the childish side, but Adams comes out with banging lyrics. His song is about living with no regrets, where anyone can be a king or a queen. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and if you do this then you will be happy with who you are.

6. Twenty-One Pilots- “House of Gold”. This is Twenty-One Pilots’ latest hit, where the guitar makes the song. The song in whole is very acoustic, which I personally love. It sounds like a cheerful song, about taking care of your mother when you are old. I mean, your mother gave birth to you, don’t you think you should kind of repay her?

5. Tracy Chapman- “Fast Car”. Need a therapy song? Then this is your go-to song. This song is one of my personal favorite throwbacks. It’s about running away and starting a new life far, far away with someone else. Sometimes, you can’t be afraid to let go of the life you have always known, and live for the life you have always dreamed of. This song is one you can blast in your car when you need to clear your head on a beautiful summer day.

4. The Band Perry- “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely”. Ladies, this is the song for you. This is The Band Perry’s second hit off their latest album “Pioneer” (which I also recommend taking a listen to). It’s not too much on the country side, but a beautiful song about not giving up on the person you love, yet being terrified to lose them all at the same time. Not only that, but it is encouraging you to go after the person you love or have feelings for. Take a chance, “you’ve got nothin’ to lose”, especially while you are young, because the years can slip from you in a matter of time. It’s a truly inspiring song to live in the moment with.

3. Birdy- “Skinny Love”. This is a remix version of Bon Iver’s original “Skinny Love”. This version has the delicacy of the piano, which personally, I love even more than the original (sorry Bon Iver). The piano gives the song more of a classical feel to it, making it more sophisticated for a heartbreak song. I feel like you can hear the pain of the lyrics coming out more in Birdy’s version, which not only makes it easier to understand than Bon Iver, but gives the song something it’s listeners can connect to.

2. B.o.B.- “John Doe”. An interesting collaboration that is very different from B.o.B.’s “I’ve Got the Magic”. B.o.B. really spits out the rhymes in this song, and it’s an interesting rap with the piano and the beats working together in the background to create a unique sound. It’s a song about a heartbreak, but admitting that you screwed up. By admitting it, it makes you stronger and shows taking responsibility for your actions. I recommend giving this song a listen to.

1. Arctic Monkeys- “Do I Wanna Know?”. The beat in this song is sick. It has a hardcore rock sound to it, which makes this song so intriguing. The song is your conscious speaking to you. There are these little signs that remind you of someone, and you can’t help but think about them. But it goes further than that. The song is questioning as to whether or not you should take a chance with someone. Do you want to know the truth? Or keep things the way they are? Is it worth it?

And there are your top ten songs for this week! Don’t forget that the top ten will come your way every Friday night. Comments? Questions? Recommendations? Don’t be afraid to comment below.

So until next time, dance, live, and love music.



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