Top Ten Songs of the Week

Top Ten Songs of the Week

Hey music lovers. What I have for you is something that will continue for a long, long time. Every Friday I will bring you my top ten songs of the week, with some information, the number one song’s picture, and I promise you these songs are to die for! So enough with the chit chat, and let’s get started!

10. Elton John- “Bennie and the Jets”. Of course I have to start off with an old classic. Every time you listen to this song, you can’t help but smile. And let’s be honest, the only thing we think of is “27 Dresses” when Katherine Heigl and James Marsden are dancing in the bar like they are teenagers once again. But this song is a feel good song that makes you want to sway to the piano solo and make you feel like your back when music first began. And because of this song, every girl wants to be Bennie.

9. American Authors- “Best Day of My Life”. Yet another feel good song from a band I can see making it big time. Whenever you have a special day, whether it be your wedding day, birthday, the day you got a new job, a day where you can just celebrate, this is the go-to song for THAT day. This song is about grasping onto the day and enjoying every second of it. Why not make every day the best day of your life? You only have one life to live, so why not make the best of it?

8. Beyonce featuring Jay-Z- “Drunk In Love”. Let’s admit it, it’s Beyonce. She can do whatever she wants, like dropping an album out of no where because she is the Queen of music. Ever since their Grammy performance earlier this year, “Drunk In Love” has been hitting HUGE. This song is different from her “Halo” and “Irreplaceable” days. Thanks for Jay-Z, Beyonce is now showing her sexy side of music. I can see this song being a summer smash.

7. The Head and The Heart- “Shake”. This song is a little slower, and has an alternative groove to it. This is the type of song that would play at the end of a movie, where the guy is driving into the sunset in a Mustang with his girl right beside him. This is another song that reminds you to enjoy the moments, and always remember them.

6. Foster the People- “Coming of Age”. This song brings an 80s feel to it, with the disco music in the background combined with the electric guitar and the voice of lead singer Mark Foster. Even when looking at their music video, it’s like you go into a time machine with the 80s clothes, hair, and colors. Although this song isn’t that big yet, this song had potential to go somewhere and could be a popular spring into summer song.

5. John Lennon- “Imagine”. Another flashback for you right here. In this song, Lennon is emphasizing the idea of everyone coming together to become one. There are no barriers separating them from each other. He is saying that if the world comes together, we can be one. No wars, no violence, no competition on who is better. We are all great, and Lennon is ahead of his time with this song where one day, maybe we can see this and the world can really become one.

4. Christina Perri- “Human”. This is probably my go-to song right now when I am feeling weak and alone. Perri is talking about how everybody hurts. We hurt because we are human. Sometimes the people we love hurt us the most, and sometimes we have to fake it to make it, even if it kills us inside. Yet, we will all get through the bad times to get back to the good. This song has potential to be Perri’s best song yet.

3. Justin Timberlake- “Not A Bad Thing”. Timberlake’s latest single which is incredibly different from his pop. In this song, Timberlake shows his fans his vulnerable, sensitive side. It’s a slower song, and I think that by having the guitar mixed in with the slower beat, it makes the song works in a positive light. “Not A Bad Thing” is about winning someone’s love. Sometimes we have to take our chances and fall for someone we wouldn’t typically fall for, because they could end up being our lobsters (please tell me you got that “Friends” reference…).

2. My Chemical Romance- “Fake Your Death”. It’s a shame these guys are breaking up, as it was announced in May of 2013, because this song is a smash! It has the same hardcore tone to it like other MCR songs, with the electric guitar meshed with the piano make a killer statement (get it…killer?). I feel like this song connects to the band’s breakup. Sometimes you need to let it go and move on, whether it be a relationship or from a band, we all have to move on from something at some point in our lives, even if walking away is the most painful thing we have ever done. And I believe I speak for almost everyone when I say MCR, you will be missed.

1. New Politics- “Tonight You’re Perfect”. And we get to the number one song this week. This is New Politic’s second single, and personally, I think it’s even better than the first (if that’s even possible). The band will be joining Paramore and headliner Fall Out Boy on the Monumentour this summer. You can’t help but dance to this song and let your hair run wild. It’s a song about living with the night and taking a chance with the person you’ve been dying to ask out. This is the perfect summer song, where sparklers fly everywhere around the bonfire of good friends, crazy laughter, and chances that are waiting to be taken.

So, until next time, dance, live, and love music.



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