The Beginning of a New Era

Hi Everyone,

My name is Alyssa Kate and I am a HUGE music fanatic and love social media. My goal for this blog is to learn more about music, inspire you with the music I listen to, and take your opinions on something I should listen to and write about.

Today there’s a song stuck in my head that you cannot help but dance to. Paramore’s latest hit “Ain’t It Fun” is a quirky song that you can’t help but smile to (even when I’m writing this I am playing it on my computer on repeat). The beat is different from their other music, which is usually hardcore and head banging. This song is about the realization of living in the “real world” and growing up.

Growing up isn’t what any of us expect, and sometimes we have our lonely moments where we wish we could just go back and be little kids again, when life was simple and we weren’t afraid to eat ice cream for dinner. But as we grow up, we learn that sometimes you just have to move on, slap a smile on your face and show the world that it cannot take you down. We shouldn’t be self-consciouos to have those dance parties by yourself in your room, make new friends, try something new and be different. If I have learned anything, it’s DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!

Unlike this song, the real world has so much to offer us, giving us the opportunity to find ourselves. And you’ll find others that are just like you. In the end, you won’t be alone, but alone with someone else. And together, it’ll be a fun, roller coaster experience you’ll never want to give up.

Paramore’s song makes you realize that yes, you are on your own. Instead of “crying to your momma ’cause you’re on your own in the real world”, we should embrace our freedom! It can be scary at times, and sometimes we need a phone call to our loved ones to remind us of where we came from, but the real world allows us to grow up and explore what we are passionate about.

So until next time, dance, live, and love music.



About alyssakate13

Travel addict. Always up for an adventure whether its near or far. Motto to live by: "Ride the wave".
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